Bag Train
Takes the pain away from catching the train.

The History of Bag Train

Hi my name is Graeme Paff. In 1999 I started a business called Happy Cabby providing transfers between Sydney Airport and the Newcastle area. Perhaps you have used our service in the past.

Happy Cabby exploded and grew very fast and I had to buy more buses and Happy Cabby became a group of little businesses working together. We had up to 12 buses at the airport every day. If a flight was delayed the passengers did not have to wait too long before we would have another bus available to take them home.

As the business grew,regulations and logistics changed. As a result of this, we are now in a situation where we can only have buses arriving and leaving the airport at peak times. So we needed another way to provide an all day service to and from Sydney airport, the shipping terminals and Sydney city.

A few months ago I had to go to central rail in Sydney to meet a friend, so I got one of my buses to pick me up on the way to the airport, when we got to Sydney it was peak hour traffic, instead of the driver going into the city to drop me off, I got him to let me off at Turramurra to catch a train, it was comfortable it was fast with no traffic to worry about.

I wondered why more people don’t catch trains to the airport from the Newcastle area – and I realised that the only problem is luggage.

There is no proper provision on the train for luggage.

Getting the luggage to the train and then having to drag it off and on the train with changeovers at different train stations is a major difficulty for most passengers, and an inconvenience for all passengers.

This is how the Bagtrain was born. We transport your luggage while you enjoy a peaceful train trip.

Image showing luggage collection point at Sydney Airport.
Luggage collection point.
Sydney Airport.

Of course you may still use our Happy Cabby service to transport yourself and your luggage to the airport, cruise terminals or the city, if you prefer.

However, if the estimated times that Happy Cabby buses arrive and leave Sydney doesn’t suit you, you can use our Bagtrain service. You take the train and we take your luggage. We will meet you at the airport or shipping terminal and Sydney city, when you go on your holiday and arrive home again. We take the pain out of the train.

We have been delivering lost luggage (bags that have been lost in transit between flights and if you had lost your luggage at some time on a flight it could have been me that delivered it to you). We have been providing this service for all the airlines since 2002 delivering to the Central Coast, Newcastle, Port Stevens and the Hunter Valley.

Now with 16 years working in the airport transfer and lost baggage service, and with Happy Cabby and the Bagtrain working together, we supply a truly unique choice of services to help our customers travel to and from Sydney conveniently and enjoy their holidays.

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