Bag Train
Takes the pain away from catching the train.

Why Bag Train?

We transport your luggage.

Welcome to the bag train .

This is a new service to make your train trip to the airport easy.

Reasons people don’t catch trains to Sydney Airport and Cruise Terminals:-

1. The manual handling of bags onto the train in the first place, plus transferring bags for connections and finally off again to check in.

2. There is no adequate provision on the train for storing luggage.

3. With more than two people travelling it is difficult  to find a taxi to fit you and the luggage to get to the train station.

Image showing a train passenger on the way to the airport with his luggage on the adjoining seat.


The Bagtrain offers a service that will pick your bags up from your home and meeting points in locations around Newcastle and the Central Coast well before you have to catch the train all you have to take with you on the train is your carry on luggage.

when you get to the airport we will great you with your luggage at meeting points at the International and domestic Airports, Cruise Terminals and City Hotels.

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